Get inspired! Take a look at how other brickfilmers do what they do, or read some interviews.
David M Pickett (link) - The AV Club Chicago interviews David M Pickett (fallentomato) in my LEGO studio about the Nightly News at Nine and my animation process
Interviews with Brickfilmers, Edition 1 (link) - LegOpinions talks to the BuilderBrothers on their latest film, upcoming projects, and coordinating brickfilmering with two people. With tips ranging from animating in sugar to how to create a dark mood.
Interviews with Brickfilmers, Edition 2 (link) - LegOpinions talks to Harry Bossert about having his brickfilm "Megaphone" screened at the Santa Barbara film festival and his latest brickfilming projects - all in this edition of Interviews with Brickfilmers.
Behind the Scenes
The Basics of Behind the Scenes - A Set-Up Article - Imagine you're new and don't know how to set-up a brickfilm 'Behind The Scenes'. Well in this article, I'll tell the basics of setting up your brickfilming studio.
Additional Articles
Pre-Production - A Basic Rundown - Before you start filming a Brickfilm, there are many things that you must do first. This is the stage known as “pre-production,” which basically means, “before filming.”