Give your films that extra visual "wow" factor.
CGI Animation 101 (in Carrara) - A short run-down on how to animate with CGI in Carrara.
CGI Sci-Fi Weapons (in Carrara) - A tutorial on how to produce fairly impressive sci-fi weapons in Carrara.
Creating A Gunshot Effect With Boinx iStopmotion 2.0 And Gimp 2.6 - A brief guide on how to create a gunshot effect with Gimp 2.6 and iStopmotion.
Creating Realistic Lightsabers in Adobe After Effects - In this article, I’m not going to waste your time telling you how to use each and every tool inside of After Effects, just how to make a lightsaber, which is probably why you’re reading it.
Creating Visual Effects in Microsoft Word - Here's a way to create visual effects using software that's already on your computer. It looks fairly cartoony, and takes a fair bit of patience. EDIT: This was originally posted in the Mac section, because only Macs have Preview. There's probably a similar program for Windows/Linux, though. Preview is basically used here in the screen-capture parts.
Fire in Blender - This tutorial is about making fire in Blender 2.49. I know that I didn't say anything about smoke, but it's the same concept as the fire is.
How to add explosions in WAX - This article will show you how to add explosions to a video clip using WAX
How to Make a Raining/Snowing Effect in Sony Vegas - A short tutorial on how to easily make a raining/snowing effect in Sony Vegas.
How to make Lightsaber Effects in Gimp - This tutorial will show you how to make awesome lightsaber effects in gimp.
Making Lightsabers In Photoshop - A short tutorial that tells how to make lightsabers in Photoshop.
Masking in Gimp - For all you brickfilmers who do not have the pleasure of having Photoshop, there is still another way to mask. This technique takes some time, since it goes through every frame, but will have a spectacular outcome.
Masking in Photoshop - Here is a tutorial on how to mask in Photoshop CS5 Extended.
Links and Resources
Detonation Films (link) - Detonation Films offers you free stock footage. You will find explosions and muzzle flare and more.
Gimp (link) - A free image manipulation program, much like Photoshop.