The kit you'll need to make your brickfilm.
How To Make X-Tra Sticky Sticky Tack! - Once, while I was filming, I was goofing off and made a very absent-minded mistake. This was the result. This new mutant sticky tack can stretch and stick much better than plain ol' sticky tack. And now YOU can make it, by following these simple instructions!
Links and Resources
Logitech Webcams (link) - Logitech sells some of the leading brickfilming webcams on the market including the QuickCam Pro 9000 and the C910.
MyGimpTutorial (link) - A website full of helpful tutorials on everything about free image-editing software GIMP!
StopMojo (link) - A free animation suite.
Story Board Templates (link) - It is a PDF file I found on Google. It contains 6 pages of templates, each page a different template. I did not create these templates, and the rights go to the respective owners. Enjoy!