Making the film itself.
15 & 24 fps Walk Cycles - All the images used are made by Repelling Spider. I have explicit rights to use them. This tutorial will explain 15 and 24 fps walk cycles, starting with 15, then 24 and lastly some tips. The 24 fps video version can be found here. I hope this will assist many people on the road of brickfilming!
How to Achieve Lifelike Animation - Getting good looking life-like animation is an art, much like getting a painting to look lifelike. The more you practice animating, the better it will look (hopefully). There's no magic formula, but here's some tips that I've learned over the years:
Links and Resources
11 Second Club (link) - Animators around the world compete in a monthly contest — the goal is to animate a small scene to fit with a small audio clip, usually around 11 seconds. Excellent for inspiration and additional animation resources.
MonkeyJam Tutorial (link) - This tutorial describes how to use the popular frame capturing program, MonkeyJam.
Pointing the Camera-Fundamental Lessons in Creating Cinema (link) - Great site with lots of great information about every aspect of film making.
The 12 basic principles of animation (Wikipedia article) (link) - These principles were originally intended for the creation of better hand-drawn animations, but also apply to animations with Lego.