Putting it all together.
How to Make Cartoony Gun-Flares in Photo Shop - Here's some step-by-step instructions for making somewhat cartoony flares in Adobe Photo Elements (may work with other editors, I don't know). The idea is that since brickfilms are not very realistic, it might, in some cases, be a nice alternative to have some more cartoon looking flares for your movie instead of using stock footage.
Post-Production - A Basic Rundown - The last stage in the Brickfilming process. In this stage, all the “goodies” are added to your animation that really make it stand out and seem professional.
Links and Resources
Chroma keying in Sony Vegas (link) - A video tutorial on how to do Chroma Keying (Greenscreening) in Sony Vegas
New to Blender? Start Here! (link) - A great group of tutorials from BlenderCookie aimed toward the complete beginners
Sony Vegas HD Settings (link) - A video tutorial on how to make an HD YouTube video in Sony Vegas.
Wax (link) - Wax is a video compositing and special effects software. Wax can create 2D and 3D special effects.