Ad Tenebras [D&L]

Directed By: Viktor Toth

Genre: Sci-fi, Drama, Fantasy
Length: 0:12:0
Released: September 1st, 2015

Content Advisory:  moderate violence.

Director's Comments

"Ad Tenebras" means in latin literally "Toward Darkness".
Made for the "darkness and light" contest, ad Tenebras is loosely based on Isaac asimov's "Nightfall" short story.
On a planet where nights and days last thousands of years because of the light of seven suns, a young man is tasked to be the guardian of a temple, and awaiting the darkness that will soon come, according to the prophecy, searches the true meaning of the darkness, and fights his own fear of dark.

Also because of the use of Bach's BWV 639 music, that you could've heard in the original score of Solaris (1972), but principally because of the overall tone, this film has some Tarkovskij-ish influence.

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