3 Sticky: How to Comment on a Film

by Sméagol

4 Woodland Encounter

by Super_Squid

6 Toy Wars The Friendzone Awakens

by DigitalWizardsStudio

7 Recommended FilmLego Titanic (part 1)

by Kroper

8 Recommended FilmFrench Wines

by iguana

9 How to Defeat Grindelwald

by SCDude1999

10 The Great War of the Deads

by Redbrickstudio

11 LEGO Harry Potter: Death Eaters

by speakbroccoli

12 The Meat Shoppe

by Blandeer

15 Star Wars shootout

by Mistery

16 Recommended FilmCall Jesus

by thistof

17 Avengers: Thor's Hammer

by Ice Fox

18 Recommended FilmVOTE!

by KG

19 LEGO System of a Down BYOB

by Shawarma Studios

21 Imagine Your A Ninja

by Yetgo

23 Underwear Guys

by Woodrow Village

27 Bohemian Rhapsody in LEGO

by Brickfilm Day

28 Contests and Stuff

by Future Past Productions

29 Skunk

by Super_Squid

31 Lego Firemen

by Brick Broadcasting

32 Grounds of Freedom EP03

by GroundsOfFreedom

33 Grounds of Freedom EP02

by GroundsOfFreedom

34 Grounds of Freedom EP01

by GroundsOfFreedom

35 Grounds Of Freedom EP04

by GroundsOfFreedom