3 Sticky: How to Comment on a Film

by Sméagol

4 Lego WW1 - The Battle of the Somme

by Dragon Brick Studios

6 Recommended FilmLego Pirates

by BlackSmithFilms

7 Ninjago Reunion

by Hoverfrogfilms

8 Lego Flash- The Trickster Vol.1

by Torchlight Cinema

13 Ninja's Need Music Too

by speakbroccoli

14 Hulk's Birthday

by slotborg

16 Living The Dream

by legodave1

17 Matter cannot be destroyed

by jimlikestacos

18 Lego Rick and Morty impression

by Stop Brotion

19 Mission: Compromised

by Beatupbricks productions

20 Desolate Jewel

by Major Chief

23 Bolero - remake

by XobotOk

26 Lego Star Wars Operation Laserkrieg

by Starwarsstudio100

27 [SHAC] Halfway There

by BertL

28 Ecotallica - [SHAC 2018 Entry]

by Shawarma Studios

29 Blue or Yellow? [SHAC] 2018

by Raptor Studios

30 The Survivor ep1

by Magek Studios

31 LEGO God"s Plan

by SuitedNinjaNerd

33 [SHAC] Pet Shop

by Arginnon

34 Compromised, "SHAC"

by Brickman

35 [SHAC] No Bargain

by chris@gbp

37 John Maynard

by S. Brickbuilder

38 [SHAC] Powerless

by William Osborne

39 Awesomepants Origins

by AwesomepantsFilms

40 Awesomepants Origins: Dan Pants

by AwesomepantsFilms