3 Sticky: How to Comment on a Film

by Sméagol

4 Darth Vader's Transformation

by Box of Bricks

7 Recommended FilmTrapped in Sin

by osomstudios

8 R2-D2's Christmas Gift

by SCDude1999

10 Halloween High Jinks!

by bybatman

11 Recommended FilmThe Vampire's Curse

by thistof

13 Lego Ninjago Camping

by Brick Corner

15 Lego Justice League

by ThatDCMendezGuy

16 Recommended FilmQuest for Life [SoA]

by Legoander

20 swimming as a lego minifigure

by caleb'sbricks

21 Barry's Show

by Sir Snorlax

26 Dog 4

by AlphaWeasel

27 Thor's New Hammer

by legodave1

28 LEGO Batman The Worst Neighbor

by Box of Bricks

30 Recommended Film This is a (r)Evolution

by MBstudio

32 Thor's gym day

by caleb'sbricks

34 LEGO House for contest

by Box of Bricks

37 Mixels Episode 4

by Raptor Studios

38 Thor

by 4clem4

39 LEGO Shadows of Fear

by BrickUltra

40 What Am I Doing

by Taylor-Place Productions