3 Sticky: How to Comment on a Film

by Sméagol

5 Natural Enemies [THAC XV]

by Shawarma Studios

6 Alain 2 (THAC XV)

by 4clem4

7 [THAC XV] Plunder

by UnknownBrick Films

8 Lego Tetris Gameboy

by Mitch78

10 The Red-Haired Man

by XobotOk

12 (Not so) Scary Mary

by Brick Broadcasting

13 Worth Fighting For

by nswihart

14 The Super Secret Spy (THAC XV Entry)

by YummyBurritoProductions

15 LEGO Batman: Justice League Tryouts

by Atlas Animationz

17 [THAC XV] A Boring Law

by Mighty Wanderer

18 THACXV 2018 - Trans(fusion)ylvania

by Chalios Animations

20 Bubbly (THAC XV)

by OneDouglas

22 THAC XV Unsung Beasts

by CarrollFilms

23 Recommended Film(Episode 1) The Escape Route- LEGO

by BlackSmithFilms

26 One Shot - THACXV

by Bricks & Pieces

30 Business Meeting (THAC XV)

by the2awesomeguys

32 Stranded Vegan [THAC XV]

by END films


by jasper

35 The Potato Thieves Return

by Brick Tale Studios

36 Love and Hate (THAC XV)

by osomstudios

39 Corn Season - A THAC XV Entry

by The Tenacious Brick

40 experimented (THAC XV)

by TheClassicSpaceman