3 Sticky: How to Comment on a Film

by Sméagol

4 Recommended FilmBut You Can't Do That!

by Mighty Wanderer

5 Recommended FilmThe Flower of Bliss

by Hoverfrogfilms

6 Recommended FilmTake A Closer Look

by legodave1

8 LEGO Star Wars Rebel War Episode 6

by Andrew BrickMovies

9 Clouds are Dangerous

by slotborg

13 Lego Arcade Game 3

by luckyclevertoys

14 Insight

by ESS-AG Teamleader

16 Star Wars: Pressing Matters

by BrickBrosProductions

17 Recommended FilmDeath Star Jam

by MindGame


by SP

21 Lowlands - ''My Baby'' Music Video

by Chalios Animations

23 Jay's Wish

by Hoverfrogfilms

25 Robbing With Bananas

by Weasel

27 Lego Doctor Who - Ep. 1

by FlowingFilms


by luckyclevertoys

31 Lego Angry Birds

by SplitterShot

32 No Longer Solo

by TracerBullet100

33 The Fart

by ibaschi

34 Recommended FilmTeaser Fana'Briques 2017

by France & Alex

35 Lego Rick and Morty

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39 Lego Six Siege

by v Sluj

40 A Lego welcome to the Firing Line

by William Osborne