3 Sticky: How to Comment on a Film

by Sméagol

5 Abandoned Fortress

by ffingers

6 Lego Conan Exiles

by axoNNNessj

7 Recommended FilmTemple Raider

by WillJ123

9 Desolate Sands

by Major Chief

12 D&KB Quickie-Brickie #1

by CJAproductionsINC

14 Star Wars The Last Jedi Teaser in LEGO

by Andrew BrickMovies

15 Hands [Unfinished Animation]

by Shawarma Studios

18 Darth Vader Reborn

by SeanDoubleJ

20 Lego Zombie: The Outbreak 2

by Starwarsstudio100

21 Recommended FilmTalk to God

by Hazzat

22 Recommended FilmSeparated and ReBuilt

by Kd2000

23 Recommended FilmFooled

by thistof

24 Batcave Invasion

by Immortal Entertainment

25 Desert Racer

by Awesome4096

27 Recommended FilmApp Man Episode 4

by William Osborne

28 Recommended FilmHan Solo Meets Boba Fett

by OnecrasFilms

29 Recommended FilmBrick Man VS The Fly

by bricks_n_Flicks

30 Clayface at the beach

by legodave1

31 LEGO Star Wars Rebel War Episode 4

by Andrew BrickMovies

33 Recommended FilmThe Third Arrival

by 1999mrlegoman

34 App Man Episode 1

by William Osborne

35 Trailer - Lunar Lad Teaser

by Weasel Animations

37 Doctor Who on Hoth

by TracerBullet100

38 Confess

by HeliumBrick

39 Trailer - Batcave Invasion Trailer

by Immortal Entertainment