4 Sticky: How to Comment on a Film

by Sméagol

5 Toys V.S LEGOs

by YummyBurritoProductions

7 Lego Star Wars: Fake Phone Call

by TracerBullet100

8 Ned's Adventures: Skunk In The House

by YummyBurritoProductions

9 Rooftop Rumble

by ffingers

10 Recommended FilmSingularity

by Piet


by Chalios Animations

13 Recommended FilmRipped Away

by SuitedNinjaNerd

14 Lego Prison Break

by Immortal Entertainment

15 Quest for Life [SoA]

by Legoander

16 When Barrels Attack - BRAWL 2017

by Bricks & Pieces

19 Alain

by 4clem4

20 Space Prisoner

by The Brick Director

21 Lego Super Heroes School Parody

by Brick Corner

25 Wayward Tides [Spirit of Adventure]

by William Osborne

32 Lego Hiking Adventure

by linkchess

37 House Hunters

by AlphaWeasel

38 Ned's Adventures: Street Performance

by YummyBurritoProductions