3 Sticky: How to Comment on a Film

by Sméagol

4 Day of Vengeance (I/III)

by LegoStudiosP

5 Recommended FilmTORMENT- A LEGO Bullying Film

by SuitedNinjaNerd

6 LEGO Jeff and Tom: Reinforcements

by Lord Ringozinglyzong

7 Trooper Trouble

by Pritchard Studios

9 Lego Zombies Contamination

by DCL Studios

11 THE NUN a LEGO horror short

by kreimkouk

12 Inspiration for the Artist

by AlNickelsFilms

13 Chopper Attack

by SeanDoubleJ

17 Recommended FilmLittle Guys... In Space!

by Paganomation

18 Recommended FilmThe Citizen of the Year

( Pages 1 2 3  9 ) by Watson

19 Lego Elite Cop

by Cloudy VS

20 Lifeboat

by twickabrick

21 Cut and Run [Movie Magic]

by William Osborne

23 Break

by Raytistic

24 The Pony

by slotborg

25 Recommended FilmAn Arresting Development

by MindGame

26 Recommended FilmThe Cleaners

by MindGame

27 Cloak of the Light: Eyes into Another World

by PlasticPointProductions

28 Ivan

by Shawarma Studios

32 Kingdom of Malacult (episode 5)

by Nounours Production

33 Adrift

by Tiny World Studios

34 Space Race

by thefourmonkeys

35 The Yellow Brick Horse

by Arginnon

36 The LEGO Guys

by BrothersWaughStudios

37 SuperDog

by PlasticPointProductions

38 LEGO Stud Shooter War Fail

by SCDude1999

39 Too Long for Forgiveness

by Blandeer

40 LEGO® Cole VS Kai

by Cloudy VS