3 Sticky: How to Comment on a Film

by Sméagol

4 Recommended FilmRun For Your Life

by Atlas Animationz

5 Bat Bomb

by Tiny World Studios

6 LEGO Shark Atack

by BrickMan1137

8 Faster Than Light

by AwesomepantsFilms

9 Fortnite Dances in LEGO

by joebert10

10 Recommended FilmHeldenhaft / Heroic

by ibaschi

13 Bob Ross: Explosive Edition

by Armstrong Bros.

14 Survivor #1

by Magek Studios

15 The Helper

by Magek Studios

16 LEGO Star Wars: Solo & Chewie

by speakbroccoli

17 Plage Isolée

by littlefroggy7

18 Battle for Berlin (part 2)

by crazymotion

19 Lego fail and win

by WayangLego

22 Police Pursuit

by AlexKVideos1

23 LEGO Dentist (bad dentist)

by BrickMan1137

24 Lego Jurassic Park Sign

by Awesome4096

25 Lego lucky day

by WayangLego

26 Relaxing Lego Animated Fireplace

by Bricks Brought to Life

27 Star Wars: The Last Comic Relief

by YummyBurritoProductions


by Humbug

31 LEGO S.W.A.T. - Bank Heist

by AlexKVideos1

32 Trailer - Lego FTL

by AwesomepantsFilms

33 Lego Batman Robin - Pencil Fight

by brick fun park

34 Qui-Gon: A Star Wars Story

by Isaac The Animator

35 Then VS Now

by AlexKVideos1

38 Trailer - Qui-Gon: Teaser Trailer

by Isaac The Animator

39 Animation Demo

by Hoverfrogfilms