41 Lego Hold the Elevator -Robot Chicken

by Stop-Motion Studio HD

46 Hollow Earth 3

by funmiproductions

48 Catastrophe

by JOCo

51 Lego The Big Bang Theory

by hundbrax

52 Lego Bismarck

by hundbrax

53 Life - a busride

by hundbrax

55 Nurse Snackie: Sponge!

by darkdragon

56 Hitman Agent 47 | Club 44

by thijsvanbrunschot

57 Lego street shootout

by Starwarsstudio100

60 Recommended Film[THAC XV] A Boring Law

by Mighty Wanderer

61 LEGO Wolfenstein Operation Cthulhu

by Redbrickstudio


by jasper

65 Vet Vendetta

by Raptor Studios

66 The Super Secret Spy (THAC XV Entry)

by YummyBurritoProductions

67 cartwheel - BIM challenge entry

by Beatupbricks productions

68 Wodensday

by Eathan

70 Lego John Wick - Fan Made

by Stop-Motion Studio HD

71 Lego Zombie Survival

by SplitterShot

73 Lego- Street Fight

by Blissfilm_Productions

75 Lego Road Rescue Fail

by Brick Broadcasting

77 Building Lego Titanic

by hundbrax

78 Lego Minions Christmas

by hundbrax

79 Kylo Ren vs Finn

by RenfefilMstudio

80 Humpty Dumpty

by XobotOk