42 Lego city home alone

by WayangLego

47 Recommended FilmSpecial Delivery

by Hoverfrogfilms

48 Blow up the earth

by Isaac The Animator

49 Recommended FilmJohn Maynard

by S. Brickbuilder

50 Picture Day Disaster

by BrickMan1137

54 Pizza Delivery!

by Thunderstruck Productions

55 Lego spiderman vs zombie

by WayangLego

56 Rise Of The Predacons

by mrskitzo1179

57 The Lego Store

by Aydins Animations

58 Recommended FilmOcto Island

by SuitedNinjaNerd


by Thunderstruck Productions

62 Radioactive spider

by elDrac13

63 Purple Amour

by DudeBrick

64 Darth Vader Battle scene

by Box of Bricks

65 Oh No

by MooCJ

67 Captain America: 8x8x8

by Isaac The Animator

68 Compromised, "SHAC"

by Brickman

69 Sweep's Unfortunate Walk: Volume 2

by Isaac The Animator

70 Felix, The Dancing Horse - LEGO Brickfilm

by Beatupbricks productions

71 LEGO Iron Man in 30 Seconds

by the2awesomeguys

73 LEGO Thor The Dark World Recap

by pjlegomotion

75 Easter Special

by slotborg

76 Recommended FilmSnif. 2

by Aiwha

77 Qui-Gon vs. Darth Maul

by Isaac The Animator

79 LEGO Batman Toilet Fail

by Leo's World

80 Porg Dinner - Lego Star Wars

by RenfefilMstudio