44 lego's bizarre adventure

by TheClassicSpaceman

45 LEGO STAR WARS: Luke's Tea Break!

by Saint BrickFilms

46 Batman Saves you Money!

by rioforce

48 LEGO Star Wars Rebel War Episode 1

by Andrew BrickMovies

50 Roddy the Ranger

by DragonNinja

52 Lego Friends

by danielka

53 A 20 second western

by slotborg

54 Another LEGO Toilet Clog

by SeanDoubleJ

55 The Rampage

by The Immortal LEGO

56 Fighting samourai

by sax


by DragonNinja

59 Lego Minecraft

by Leo's World

60 Emmet's JackHammer

by MachoCamacho

64 Vader's Saber Quest

by TheJollyRodger

65 Skull Spider Invasion

by Major Chief

67 Supper


68 LEGO: Milk Mayhem

by Saint BrickFilms

69 Crackdown II

by ffingers

71 Lego Ninjago - Lloyd vs Nya

by Leo's World

72 Curse of the Blue Angel

by kanethemaster

73 Bot Boy

by Supermelty

75 Lego Shark Attack 6

by Leo's World

77 [THAC XIV] (Never) Meant To Be

by ForlornCreature

79 A Horse's Tale

by twickabrick

80 Vive La Compagnie!

by FeinsteinFilms