42 Recommended FilmThe Third Arrival

by 1999mrlegoman

43 App Man Episode 1

by William Osborne

44 Trailer - Lunar Lad Teaser

by Weasel Animations

46 Doctor Who on Hoth

by TracerBullet100

47 Confess

by HeliumBrick

48 Trailer - Batcave Invasion Trailer

by Immortal Entertainment

50 A Good Day's Stroll

by HeliumBrick

51 Happy Robot

by legodave1


by Brick Corner

53 sevin assassuns

by Mr Vertigo

54 The Sword (THAC XIII)

by Legoluke654

58 Clones Vs. Droids

by Weasel Animations

59 Recommended FilmVenture: Howl in the Mountains

by PilotJohnGrant

60 LEGO Star Wars Rebel War Episode 3

by Andrew BrickMovies

61 Recommended Film"Spring Blossoms"

by Daniel

63 A New Old Hero

by legodave1

64 Street Brawl

by ffingers

65 Trailer - fooled

by Arginnon

66 Trailer - Lego Minecraft Trailer

by Saint BrickFilms

67 Lego Prison Break

by Brick Corner

68 Backfired


69 Ninfiltration

by Major Chief

70 Prison Break

by IronDeagleBrickFilms

71 Recommended FilmWhich of the Two

by MarkNelsonMovies

72 (Sparks)The Rise Of Megatron

by mrskitzo1179

74 Kryptagon

by mrskitzo1179

75 Trailer - Kryptagon

by mrskitzo1179

77 Neighbor Rivalry

by IronDeagleBrickFilms

78 Recommended FilmThe Bounty Hunter

by Deltabrick