47 LEGO Black Friday Scuffle

by joebert10

48 Star Wars The Returning Allowance

by The Immortal LEGO

49 LEGO Star Wars: The Briefing On Endor

by Starwarsstudio100

50 Lego Police School

by Blacksheeppictures

51 Recommended FilmTrapped in Sin

by osomstudios

52 C-3PO and the Forest of Doom

by JoelEdelblute

53 LEGO Thor - Ragnarok

by the2awesomeguys

55 Star Wars Battlefront: Hero'd (4K)

by The Tenacious Brick

56 Lego Justice League

by ThatDCMendezGuy

58 R2-D2's Christmas Gift

by SCDude1999

60 Halloween High Jinks!

by bybatman

61 Recommended FilmThe Vampire's Curse

by thistof

63 Lego Ninjago Camping

by Brick Corner

64 Recommended FilmQuest for Life [SoA]

by Legoander

67 swimming as a lego minifigure

by caleb'sbricks

68 Barry's Show

by Sir Snorlax

73 Dog 4

by AlphaWeasel

74 Thor's New Hammer

by legodave1

75 LEGO Batman The Worst Neighbor

by Box of Bricks

77 Recommended Film This is a (r)Evolution

by MBstudio

79 Thor's gym day

by caleb'sbricks