43 Le Fart - The Pet

by Elhiendal

45 Enough

by Sir Snorlax

46 Lego School Prank

by WayangLego

47 Run: A Brick Film

by adruber

48 Kingdom of Malacult (episode 1)

by Nounours Production

50 LEGO Star Wars Space Battle

by Box of Bricks

51 Recommended FilmGaston's Odyssey-10th anniversary

by France & Alex

53 Recommended FilmAn Arresting Development

by MindGame

56 LEGO The Legend of Drunken Master

by Captainjackster

60 Recommended FilmQuest for the Golden Banana

by Hoverfrogfilms

62 Lego Beach

by legovideosguy

63 Bait Shop

by Nogonomas

64 Maizeman

by Nogonomas

65 Gorillaz - Empire Ants in LEGO

by pjlegomotion

66 Fathers Day Surprise

by PlasticPointProductions

68 Trailer - Kingdom of Malacult

by Nounours Production

69 Sicario 2: Soldado Trailer in LEGO

by the2awesomeguys

71 The First Day of Spring

by PlasticPointProductions

73 Relaxing Lego Animated Fireplace

by Bricks Brought to Life

74 Lego Animation Tips and Tricks (Beginner)

by Bricks Brought to Life

75 How to Make a Lego Animation (Brickfilm)

by Bricks Brought to Life

76 Lego In Real Life 3 TEASER TRAILER

by BrickBrosProductions

79 Lego Submarine - (Brickfilm)

by PaulPictures

80 LEGO Jeff and Tom: The TV Remote

by Lord Ringozinglyzong