41 Lego Creator Skate House

by Hoverfrogfilms

42 When My Dog Gets Hungry

by slotborg

46 Lego Halloween | Finish The Story

by Brickfilm Day

47 Icy Dead People

by OnecrasFilms

49 Lego Captain America Fights Red Skull

by Mr. Awesome's Animations

51 Lego Flash Races Superman

by Mr. Awesome's Animations

52 Fortnite Dances Made in Lego - Ft. Emmet

by Mr. Awesome's Animations

53 How to do Chores

by BC Lego Movies

56 Twitch (Unfinished)

by The Tenacious Brick

58 Entertaining Yoda

by The Immortal LEGO

59 The Cavern Dweller

by lotsatoast

61 LEGO Avengers: Infinity War

by DavidsTVFilms

62 Recommended FilmThe Greatest Treasure of All

by Undershadow

64 Lego Zombie: The Outbreak 3

by Starwarsstudio100

65 Spooky Scary Skeleton

by SeanDoubleJ

68 How to make a GOOD LEGO stop-motion

by Lord Ringozinglyzong

69 AAT 75080

by Bricks Planet

74 LEGO Batman in VR

by DigitalWizardsStudio

75 Space Invaders Part 2

by Super_Squid

76 Battlefield 5 | Battle of Narvik

by thijsvanbrunschot

78 Batman Blows His Secret Identity

by TracerBullet100