42 Lego Six Siege

by v Sluj

43 A Lego welcome to the Firing Line

by William Osborne

45 Recommended FilmI turned into LEGO

by Daragh

46 Close Call

by v Sluj

47 Recommended FilmRoll

by A&M Studios

50 LEGO Ninjago Prank Fail

by luckyclevertoys

51 Lego Zombie City Outbreak

by SplitterShot

52 Star Wars Evacuation

by Infinity Prime Studios

53 LEGO Star Wars Rebel War Episode 5

by Andrew BrickMovies

56 Recommended FilmI think he's coming

by ibaschi

58 Battle Of Kerak

by Blissfilm_Productions

59 Recommended FilmCurse of the Blue Angel 2

by kanethemaster

63 LEGO Five Nights at Freddy's

by Leo's World

64 Lego Wonder Woman

by ThatDCMendezGuy

65 Recommended FilmWiener Farm

by Woodrow Village

67 LEGO Ninjago Shark Attack

by luckyclevertoys

68 Brix (A Lego Short Film)

by NTNProductions

69 LEGO Baywatch

by the2awesomeguys

70 Batman: The Frank and The Furious

by Hoverfrogfilms

71 Lewa Swings into Battle

by Hoverfrogfilms

75 Arachnophobia

by Elektrosonikai

76 Ninjago Life as a Ninja

by Immortal Entertainment