82 Modern Times

by Brick Broadcasting

84 Brickworms

by Kocka 4005

86 Recommended FilmLEGO Star Wars DEAD SPACE

by Scorch Bricks

87 Recommended FilmThe Cleaners

by MindGame

88 Squidnapped (2011)

by Brick Block Animations

91 Loneliness - MBstudio

by MBstudio

93 Herotime

by Yetgo

94 A Fallen Hero

by Yetgo

95 LEGO The Legend of Drunken Master

by Captainjackster

96 Death Of A Salesman 2: Condemnation

by Brick Block Animations


by thefourmonkeys

100 Lego spiderman eps 1

by WayangLego

102 Jurassic Yeti

by jfdorr

103 Bored

by Hoverfrogfilms

104 Lego Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

by Blue Brick Studio

105 Scared Emmet

by Kocka 4005

107 Le Voyage in the Time

by Gwen Movies

108 Mikko's Madness Part 1

by Kocka 4005

110 Recommended FilmBrick Idiots Stunt Jump Baseball

by thefourmonkeys

111 Lego Raid!

by legovideosguy

115 Hot dog party - Writer's Brick

by Hair In the Air

117 Recommended FilmRun For Your Life

by Atlas Animationz

119 Bat Bomb

by Tiny World Studios

120 LEGO Shark Atack

by BrickMan1137