82 Lego Batman is so Big!

by a2zprod

83 Break

by Raytistic

84 The Dictionary Trilogy

by Dyland

87 Lego Haircut Fail

by Cloudy VS

88 Batman Toilet Surprise

by wifey blocks

89 Joker Prank in Toilet Set-up

by wifey blocks

93 The Big 200

by Dyland

94 Recommended FilmCut and Run [Movie Magic]

by William Osborne

96 Rosa and Marianne

by kreimkouk

97 Too Long for Forgiveness

by Blandeer

98 The LEGO Guys

by BrothersWaughStudios

99 Space Race

by thefourmonkeys

100 Adrift

by Tiny World Studios

101 Recommended FilmSuperDog

by PlasticPointProductions

102 Recommended FilmIvan

by Shawarma Studios

103 Recommended FilmLifeboat

by twickabrick

104 Day of Vengeance (I/III)

by LegoStudiosP

105 Recommended FilmTORMENT- A LEGO Bullying Film

by SuitedNinjaNerd

106 LEGO Jeff and Tom: Reinforcements

by Lord Ringozinglyzong

107 Trooper Trouble

by Pritchard Studios

108 Lego Zombies Contamination

by DCL Studios

110 THE NUN a LEGO horror short

by kreimkouk

111 Inspiration for the Artist

by AlNickelsFilms

112 Chopper Attack

by SeanDoubleJ

116 Recommended FilmLittle Guys... In Space!

by Paganomation

117 Recommended FilmThe Citizen of the Year

( Pages 1 2 3  9 ) by Watson

118 Lego Elite Cop

by Cloudy VS

119 The Pony

by slotborg

120 Recommended FilmAn Arresting Development

by MindGame