81 LEGO House for contest

by Box of Bricks

84 Mixels Episode 4

by Raptor Studios

85 Thor

by 4clem4

86 LEGO Shadows of Fear

by BrickUltra

87 What Am I Doing

by Taylor-Place Productions

89 A LEGO Halloween

by Mosh5256

90 Recommended FilmMonday

by FilmTrooper

91 Troll Alert

by Dub-The-Dinosaur

93 cLego Logan Charles' Hotel Seizure Scene 4K

by Stop-Motion Studio HD

94 Lego Halloween Mishap

by TracerBullet100

95 Lego Thor's new Haircut

by Ice Fox

96 The Story Of Joseph In Four Minutes

by YummyBurritoProductions

99 The Underwater LEGO Bank Robbery Part 1

by Lord Ringozinglyzong

101 Recommended FilmSingularity

by Piet

102 Bad Guys Dance

by Kocka 4005

103 Finn meets his worst enemy

by WoodworkFilms

106 Selfie Stick featuring Leather Man

by Woodrow Village

107 The Snack

by Eathan

109 Lego War: Battle Of Mo-Wol

by Starwarsstudio100

113 Recommended FilmWayward Tides [Spirit of Adventure]

by William Osborne

114 LEGO Batman Movie: Batman vs Joker

by DavidsTVFilms

115 Jimmy's Luch

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116 LEGO Batman: The Heist

by DavidsTVFilms

119 Lego Jedi Used The Force 2 UHD

by Stop-Motion Studio HD

120 Lego Ninjago Halloween

by Brick Corner