85 House Hunters

by AlphaWeasel

86 Ned's Adventures: Street Performance

by YummyBurritoProductions

88 Doubleman

by Mistery

90 Caveman Campfire Story

by jampot

92 Imperial Lawn Service

by Raptor Studios

94 LEGO Agent Part II

by ahpics

95 Killer Coffee

by The Tenacious Brick

97 Lego Suicide Squad DVD

by sahil_24

98 Lego Narcos

by sahil_24

99 Recommended FilmWhat if...

by DerTarchin

100 "LEGO Star Wars Rebel War" - FULL MOVIE

by Andrew BrickMovies

103 Dead Giveaway

by Woodrow Village

104 Lego Ninjago First Day Of School

by Brick Corner

105 Day of Vengeance (I/III)

by LegoStudiosP

107 Recommended FilmAndy Goes Skydiving

by Daniel

108 Trailer - Insectoids teaser

by Major Chief

110 Recommended FilmTrump's On The Run

by Woodrow Village

113 A Slow Freeze

by samuelzz10

115 Lego Weird Al - Livin in the Fridge

by TracerBullet100

116 Dave & Ken Brickson: Episode #3

by CJAproductionsINC

119 Recommended FilmThe Nine Billion Names of God

by LegoStudiosP

120 Jonah

by somedudenamedmilan