82 Lego Batman "At the Movies"

by osomstudios

85 Jewel Heist

by Mosh5256

87 Lego Deadpool: Creeper

by SplitterShot

88 LEGO Batman and the Frosty Fight

by SuitedNinjaNerd

89 Always Have Insurance

by pjlegomotion

92 Doctor Who Daleks of Doom

by OutBackPrimeProductions

93 LEGO Superman - The TARDIS

by Captainjackster

94 LEGO Spider-Man: Electro

by Captainjackster

95 The Showdown

by Gospelnut

97 Batman vs. Cheeseman

by Mighty Wanderer

99 Star Wars: Rancor Ruckus

by Lemonpuffs

101 Star Wars: Return of the Saber

by Lemonpuffs

102 Star Wars: Gaming with Kylo

by Lemonpuffs

103 Airport

by Boga Boga Boo

105 The Lego Battle Part 3

by BrickAnimation

106 Harley Quinn (Rebrick Contest Entry)

by FeinsteinFilms

109 Une courte espérance

by Polygonal Animation

110 LEGO Batman VS Bane

by Neo25

112 The Fatman

by Woodrow Village

114 Lego Doctor Who Prequel

by brickorbrack

115 It's the Thought that Counts

by Undershadow Productions

116 Post Mortem

by Brickcrazy

117 The Requital

by Harborlight

119 Lego Star Wars Han Solo Death Scene

by Immortal Entertainment

120 Beyond the Stars- Brickfilm

by TopBrick Studios