81 Message on the Moon

by TracerBullet100

82 Lego Hulk Prison Break

by Leo's World

84 Recommended FilmLEGO Titanic

by hundbrax

85 Natural Enemies [THAC XV]

by Shawarma Studios

86 LEGO Ninjago: Lloyd saves the day

by timsalabim films

87 Insectoids episode 1

by Major Chief

88 Ice Fishing

by Raptor Studios

89 LEGO SC Paderborn 07

by hundbrax

91 Recommended FilmLego Mad Max

by kristo499

92 Love and Hate (THAC XV)

by osomstudios

95 Fallen behind

by D@d films

96 Alain 2 (THAC XV)

by 4clem4

99 The Red-Haired Man

by XobotOk

100 dinosaur chase scene

by Beatupbricks productions

102 Lego Alien Invasion

by Starwarsstudio100

103 Lego Tetris Gameboy

by Mitch78

105 Han Solo Rescuing C3PO

by minearstudio

106 Ice Battle with the First Order

by minearstudio

111 (Not so) Scary Mary

by Brick Broadcasting

112 Worth Fighting For

by nswihart

113 LEGO Batman: Justice League Tryouts

by Atlas Animationz

115 THACXV 2018 - Trans(fusion)ylvania

by Chalios Animations

116 Bubbly (THAC XV)

by OneDouglas

118 Recommended Film(Episode 1) The Escape Route- LEGO

by BlackSmithFilms

120 THAC XV Unsung Beasts

by CarrollFilms