81 Hands [Unfinished Animation]

by Shawarma Studios

84 Darth Vader Reborn

by SeanDoubleJ

86 Recommended FilmTalk to God

by Hazzat

87 Recommended FilmFooled

by thistof

88 Batcave Invasion

by Immortal Entertainment

89 Desert Racer

by Awesome4096

91 Recommended FilmBrick Man VS The Fly

by bricks_n_Flicks

92 Clayface at the beach

by legodave1

93 LEGO Star Wars Rebel War Episode 4

by Andrew BrickMovies

95 Recommended FilmThe Third Arrival

by 1999mrlegoman

96 App Man Episode 1

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99 Doctor Who on Hoth

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100 Confess

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101 Trailer - Batcave Invasion Trailer

by Immortal Entertainment

103 A Good Day's Stroll

by HeliumBrick

104 Happy Robot

by legodave1


by Brick Corner

106 sevin assassuns

by Mr Vertigo

107 The Sword (THAC XIII)

by Legoluke654


by Leo's World

111 Clones Vs. Droids

by Weasel

112 Recommended FilmVenture: Howl in the Mountains

by PilotJohnGrant

113 LEGO Star Wars Rebel War Episode 3

by Andrew BrickMovies

114 Recommended Film"Spring Blossoms"

by Daniel

115 Recommended FilmMy Unluckyish Life- Episode 2: Chairs

by SuitedNinjaNerd

116 A New Old Hero

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117 Street Brawl

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118 Trailer - fooled

by Arginnon

119 Trailer - Lego Minecraft Trailer

by Saint BrickFilms

120 Lego Prison Break

by Brick Corner