1 Sticky: Share Your Test/WIP & Give Feedback

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2 LEGO - X-Men Teaser #1 [Feat. Logan]

by Shawarma Studios

4 lego blood and weapons test

by TheClassicSpaceman

5 Brickfilm tests

by Sir Snorlax

6 Moving mouth talking test

by BrickAnimation

9 Ease In & Out Arm Lift tests

by Gillcrafter

10 Tests

by edmo

12 Green Screen Test

by WoodworkFilms


by Shawarma Studios

14 Lego Owen Wilson

by Immortal Entertainment

16 Animation Test #2

by Aled Owen

17 Bourne's Visit to Naples [TEST]

by RemnantMedia

18 Basic Animation Test #1

by Aled Owen

19 Stretch and Squash test

by SlothPaladin

20 LEGO - Light Saber Effect

by killerwars2000

21 Noir Tests

by samuelzz10

25 Animation Tests

by Shawarma Studios

26 Closed: Heat Vision (Lego stop-motion test)

by The Immortal LEGO

27 Heat Vision TEST

by The Immortal LEGO

28 Lego Masking Test

by Stonycharlie

29 Batman, Red Hood scene WIP

by ninjastudios1

32 Work in Progress - Space Brickfilm

by ClonedOriginals

33 BRAWL Test

by Shawarma Studios

35 Lego WW2 Sniper

by Stonycharlie

36 Work In Progress - Horror/Mystery project

by Armin Films Entertainment

37 Lego Portal Turret Tests

by The Motion Hero

38 Lego Spiderman Saves The Day

by rafaelbisinoti

39 Unfinished Action Film

by Stonycharlie

40 Flying Object Test

by UnknownBrick Films