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3 Voice acting voulanteers!

by crazymotion


by Magek Studios

13 Stranger Things voices needed!!!

by TMBRICKS Studio

14 British impressions or accents?

by Isaac The Animator

15 Gollum and Jar Jar Binks imressions?

by Isaac The Animator

20 I need some Yells and Shouts

by Cooked Cat


by Magek Studios

22 Escape Route Part 2 (Star Wars)

by BlackSmithFilms

23 Wanted: Permanent Voice Actors

by AlphaWeasel

26 Casting Call - Need 3 Actors ASAP!

by Mustache Maniacs

29 THAC XV Casting call URGENT

by osomstudios

31 (Closed) THAC XV Casting Call - Pirate

by UnknownBrick Films

32 NEEDED: THAC voice actors

by joebert10

37 Help! Need Five Voices ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by YummyBurritoProductions

38 SOS-Casting Call

by Humbug

40 Filled

by LegoJosephStudios