1 Sticky: The Brickfilm Casting Agency

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3 Need Superhero Voice Actors!

by TMBRICKS Studio

4 URGENT 'Fooled' Casting Call

by Shawarma Studios

5 LEGO Star Wars Rebel War - CASTING CALL

by Andrew BrickMovies

7 April Fools' Day Voices

by Supermelty

11 Ultra Agents Series Casting Call -- CLOSED

by Undershadow Productions

12 Breach and Peel - Closed

by backyardlegos

13 Need Han Solo Voice Actor

by OnecrasFilms

16 (THAC XIV) British Accent Voice [Closed]

by UnknownBrick Films


by funmiproductions

22 STAR WARS Casting Call

by Andrew BrickMovies

23 Any good Joker impressionists out there?

by BrickBrosProductions

24 Voice Actor

by Large Mouth Productions

26 Marvel Anthology_Episode 1 (CLOSED)

by Infinity Prime Studios

27 BEOWULF Pt. 1 Casting Call

by Shawarma Studios

30 [Christmas Film] The Brickster Returns

by Immortal Entertainment

32 Casting Call

by Conart Studios

33 Casting Call - Charter

by backyardlegos

36 Enceledus Open Casting Call

by AJFStudios

37 Lego Doctor Who Feast of Fear

by Formal Lens

38 Casting Call - English Voices needed

by ClonedOriginals

39 BiM: Sight & Sound Contest

by Gillcrafter