1 Swedish AFOLs WebTV-series

by TeamHansson

3 2020 - Student Short Film

by Binding Brick

5 Frank | 2D Animated Short Film

by Infinity Prime Studios

6 Livable

by Yetgo

8 Reversal

by OneDouglas

11 My Year Edit 2017

by chalksters55

14 Pacific Rim Hall of Heroes Entry

by funmiproductions

15 Robot Death Match

by coolcubestudio

16 Trouble In Line Land

by Sonjira

17 Fidget Spinner Showdown

by coolcubestudio

19 My New Video - A 2D Animated Cartoon!

by YummyBurritoProductions

20 Tank Battle & Thank you

by coolcubestudio

22 Lighthouse Lego Stop Motion Build

by William Osborne

24 Imprisoned and Free Trailer

by BecauseofJesusFilms

26 My wedding Film

by Cooked Cat

29 You've Got The Trump

by HoldingOurOwn

30 3 Many Brickfilms 5 Me

by twickabrick

31 Pemaquid Wind

by Littlebrick

33 PREY (Short Film)

by Sonjira

35 Sparks (The Dawn Of Prime)

by mrskitzo1179

36 Shrek God

by GHB

38 Death's Messengers

by Mosh5256

39 My Dad - A Film on Fatherhood

by BecauseofJesusFilms


by BrickAnimation