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I love #1, Topit

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I've done some naturing this summer, and of course I brought my camera(s).

The last one was taken at 10,000 feet, and boy there's a lot less air up there. mini/eek

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Those are really nice! The use of black and white on those mountain shots really adds a dramatic feel. I'm impressed.

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i like what u've done with the shutter speed
i saw the eggclipse

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Brick à Brack recently held a contest called "Voyage de la minifig" (travel of the minifig), where you could send in up to two nice photos from your holidays (usually) in which a minifig is shown. We participated with the following pictures, which placed 1st and 6th respectively, thought we'd share them here as well: mini/bigsmile

We took a lot more pictures over the course of our holiday, if you are interested, check them out on BàB! mini/sunnies

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I quite like the water in the first image.  Also, I quite like the scope and framing of the second image.  We don't usually get to see that sort of scale with LEGO figures.

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Great pictures, Legolander! I especially like the last one. The colors and depth are great.

Also, I didn't see your pics before, Backyard. WOW. Very majestic photos you took. I'm curious about the lens you used on the little waterfall (or was that a post-effect to get it to have a weird spinny effect?). Either way, awesome pictures.

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Those pics are really stunning! How did you keep the minifig from being swept away in the first photo?

I started doing something similar a few years ago and brought a minifigure around with me whenever I went to a place of interest:
I think that's somewhere in Iowa.

But then, tragedy struck when I tried to take a picture at Tahquamenon falls. Like an idiot, I didn't put any putty under the feet and my minifigure went tumbling down when I accidentally touched it with the lens. Here's the last picture I took with the lumberjack (above the aforementioned falls):

He's probably floating around somewhere in Lake Superior by now.


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here's a few tests using some LEDs.

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I like it, Sir Snorlax. The Leds give the pictures a nice spookiness. mini/smile

Here's some photography of mine. I liked the idea of bringing my minifigs with me, and this is what I got -

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The autumnal season at Okehampton, Devon, England!

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Don't know why they remained as links mini/jaw

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I think it's because the links are from discord, so you would have to give a link from somewhere else like an image hosting site, I guess.

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No those links should work, they just need enclosing in IMG tags. This:



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Looking good. I especially like the floating objects picture.

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Great stuff, I like your overall gritty feel, and the color in "13th St" is particularly subtle and nuanced.