Topic: SOS-Casting Call

Our Spirit of Adventure brick film didn't get done in time. In fact, it's still not done. My brother had the idea of making it into separate segments. This way, I already have enough stop-motion animation for one episode. And so, here's a casting call for the series.

The plot revolves around a scientist who's crashed on a planet in another solar system, and journeys with an alien to find the transmitter from his escape pod so that he can get help. There is no swearing, strong violence, or mature content.


The protagonist; a young, somewhat grouchy and cowardly scientist.
Test lines:
1. It doesn't matter. The important thing is that this job's getting us money.
2. Forget that! We have to leave immediately, before they get us!

A concerned friend of Corbin's.
Test lines:
1. Speaking of working, have you ever wondered why exactly we're working on this ship, Corbin?
2. Let go of me! Corbin, help!

Mr. Stryker
The antagonist and captain of the space ship Corbin works at.
Test lines:
1. Now people, I hope you all fully understand our mission.
2. Don't worry, I'll see to it that he doesn't make it back to Earth!

The only one to speak out of Mr. Stryker's two henchmen.
Test lines:
1. And as for you...
2. He's leaving the ship in one of the escape pods, Mr. Stryker!

Email the auditions via the forum if possible. If not, PM me for my email address.

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