Topic: Test for space series!

Hello all! Here is a short clip of a series currently in development! It's not completed as this is just a test. This, being my first work with green screen!


Re: Test for space series!

The green screen part itself is pretty good, but the planets move around a lot when they wouldn't, the animation of the ship is a bit choppy, and the camera pans would look better if they were smoother. However, this project of yours looks awesome, so I'm excited to see how it turns out! mini/smile

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Re: Test for space series!

A big thing for me was how fast the ship came from the planet to full size, it makes the planet look very small. It should take a long time for the ship to grow to full size, even at a very fast speed. Only when it gets very close to the camera should we get a sense of it's full speed.

Re: Test for space series!

Thank you! It does seem pretty fast, I'll fix the ship scene, planets, and camera pans! Appreciate the criticism mini/bigsmile