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I've recently experienced some drastic quality issues with my rendered videos.
I shoot my animations in Dragonframe and use the HQ Jpgs for further post production. However when I'm done with compositing, editing and colorgrading I render out my video as an mp4 or mov (with H.264) and everything looks really compressed.
I often end up with banding or colored noise in the dark areas of the image. That is really unsatisfying because I started of with good images and I often feel that it gets ruined in post.
Generally I keep brightness and color adjustments very subtle so I think it's a problem of the file format/codec I'm using

Has anyone suggestions for a codec or format for loosing less quality?

Re: Best file format/codec for rendering videos

Is there any way for you to change the bit rate of the codec you are using? It sounds like it's a bit rate issue. The bit rate is basically a way of saying how much compression the files need. A lower bit rate means that the file takes up less space. The drawback is that the file needs more compression making the picture quality worse.

You should be able to change the bit rate when you/renderyour video. I don't have DragonFrame, though, so I can't speak for that software specifically.

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Re: Best file format/codec for rendering videos

Are you rendering your jpg's into video with Dragonframe? I don't have that program, but you could try a different video editing program. I've had some okay results with Wondershare Filmora (they have a free version you can try out, the paid version has some additional bells and whistles).

Also, how big are your source jpg's? If you've got 4K type jpg's and are exporting to 720p for Youtube, that might be over compressing.

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Re: Best file format/codec for rendering videos

I've been having this problem as well. In my video 'LEGO white christmas' in the beggining when my intro fades out, there are strange diamond shapes and squares. As well as audio, when the fizzy soda-pouring noise plays, it sounds awful and distorts a couple of times. I use Da Vinci Resolve for editing my videos. It bugs me, but my family says that it looks fine. mini/sad

Re: Best file format/codec for rendering videos

Hi Ice Fox!
I use Adobe Premiere to edit, and then HandBrake to decrease file size. I've also used DragonFrame, but, just for capturing frames and not editing, so I haven't faced an issue yet.
The problem may belong to your computer, DragonFrame or any other factor, so, can you please give more detail? (Including images is recommended.)

Re: Best file format/codec for rendering videos

Could it be youtube's compression making things worse? I'm noticing a little flick here and there, like one frame is a little dark, but only on youtube, my original files don't have that problem.