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Hello people, that's^ the working title for a 15 - 20min brick film that's motoring along in Production.

the Midnight Detective is hated by the police force, he's doing their job for them. Now there's a bounty on his head, and someone has attacked the police force, locking them inside the HQ, with a man eating monster in with them, along with taking some reporter. Can the midnight detective convince the police force that he's not the villain in time?

the style of music I'll be using:

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Music sometimes helps.  On the other hand, silence also works.

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since there's gonna be a number of different scares, I'll try using both...
maybe a very low music, sorta bearly hear it, then, BOOM!....

I've got a good friend + music master I'll prob be working with:

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Aside from music, I find lighting to be key in setting the mood for any scene, particularly suspenseful or scary scenes. Another thing would be pacing, you don't want to make it too fast or there won't be suspense, and making it too slow will also bore and lose the suspense, so make sure you get the timing perfect (I'm thinking for scenes where there is a build up to some horrific thing, is that right? Although I do think this would apply to the majority of suspenseful/horrific scenes).
Please note: I've never seen a horror film mini/tongue , too scary...

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yea, thanks mate, I'm really gonna have to work on my pacing... anyone know any good tuts?

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Double Post:
Script started
(NB: I'm working form the BS2 Beat Sheet, from the screen writing book, "save the cat"... it's gonna be awesome.)

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I need some help on the textures....

also, I got FL Studio, it rocks....

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Slow eerie music really helps set the mood for the scene. Have a little light coming through a window behind the character and have a little movement in front of the window so you know someone's there. Pretty creepy in my opinion.

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ok, thanks LJ1138

as mentioned b4, Ie a sound cloud account, check out da songs there and tell us what you think...

more info so...

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DOUBLE POST:(but, hey, this is and update thread....)

FIRST OF: I've been a little 2 busy for the forum for the last few weeks(thanks to an 3d Animation I was doing for work, but finished that today...)


and some black and white....

also, I've been busy at work on getting better on the music side of things...

Scripting is well underway, its pretty epic so far....

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Looks pretty interesting so far mate! I would say for horror as said before music is a great tool for fooling around with one's emotions. So is the lighting.

One thing you should try to do is focus on the expectations of people. If you can make the scare when people least expect it you've done good. If they can expect something to happen, and it does, it kinda loses the effect.

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Looking forward to seeing more from this, very promising so far. And I feel a little starved for a good brickfilm.

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JamesW wrote:

I feel a little starved for a good brickfilm.

Really? I just went down to the store and bought some to feed on. mini/tongue

Sorry, I had to. mini/wink Anyways, those posters look pretty good CC, except that the flames are kinda distracting. I also admire anyone who tackles CGI animation, so I'm looking forward to this film.

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ok, thanks guys, I'm pondering weather to do one of the monsters in CG or make it in 3ds Max and then get it from shape ways, I finish my Animation and game design course in 3 weeks so, looking to do some CG. the monster would have 2 points of articulation in the legs(knees and hips) and a slightly hunched back, and possibly 2 points of Articulation in the arms. it'll fit on to studs and all...

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sorry about the double post guys, but heres a 3D model I'm working on for this:



now, I'm still trying to figure out what I'm gonna do with the arms, as I want two points of articulation too.

its been made to fit standard lego size pieces.

the monster its for will stand taller then normal minifigures.

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dont know if any one is still interested....

but, here goes.

the cgi for wayne manor is almost done, the script has also been completed.

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ok, more Images:

filming is about to start, and the CGI is coming along nicely.

also, synopsis added

the W.E-Omega

the police force

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I know I'm lacking any prior context but why is there a man eating monster in a police station?

Killed by the husband, drowned by the ocean, shot by his own son, he used the poison in his tea an kissed him goodbye, that's my kind of story, It's no fun 'til someone dies.

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well, it goes like this:
we have a "anti' hero. the GCPD is after him, along comes the villain, who wants to show the world that this "anti" hero is nothing, he makes it so the police can not leave the head quarters, Kidnaps a reporter, then lets a monster out among the police, he kidnaped the reporter so that he can kill her on TV and show the world that he won......
any thoughts?

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I was about write a huge, long paragraph, but then had a thought.
Since I feel like doing some pre-production work, would you mind getting an assistant writer?