Topic: THAC X is coming soon!

The contest has begun! Click here to read about it!

Welcome one and all to the tenth sort-of-annual Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest! (Or THAC for short.)

THAC is a brickfilming contest that lasts for exactly 24 hours. All the idea-making, writing, recording, animating, editing and submitting is to be done within the time limit. It's a challenge, it's frantic, but it's a lot of fun!

The contest will begin on Saturday, December 29th at 12pm (midday) GMT and will run for 24 hours (duh). It will end on Sunday, December 30th at 12pm GMT. You can see what that is in your time zone by clicking here.

Anyone is allowed to enter! You can work with someone else to make a co-production if you like. Just stick to the rules...

  • Your entry must be made and submitted during the 24 hour period. I'll get onto how we moderate this later...

  • Your entry must consist primarily of LEGO (or similar building-block toy) stop-motion animation. CGI, live-action or other forms of video may be used to supplement it, but the brickfilming must be the focus.

  • Your entry must consist of at least 30 seconds of stop-motion animation.

  • No mature/explicit content is allowed. This includes, but is not limited to: swearing, excessive violence, overt sexual content etc. The site is family-friendly and we ask that the contest entries are too.

NO! And we've got ways to make sure you don't!

  • The contest theme will only be announced when the contest begins. Sure, you can brainstorm ideas beforehand but you could be way off what you're meant to make.

On top of that, we will enforce the use of two "mod elements".

  • The first is a colour mod. This will be a combination of two random brick colours connected together. (e.g. a blue brick connected to a white brick)

  • The other is a letter mod. This could be any letter of the alphabet, and you are allowed to use it in upper or lower case, and rotated or flipped in any way you can think of. As long as it's still recognisably that letter! (e.g. the letter L)

At least one of the mod elements must appear in every frame of your animation. Minifig parts (e.g. a white torso connected to blue legs) count towards the colour mod, but bricks connected to baseplates do not.

Details such as where and how to submit your film will be announced along with the theme and mod elements at the start of the contest, so don't worry about that yet.

First, second and third place will receive a collectible minifigure from series 1-8 of their choice. But don't be disheartened if you don't win - to have completed a THAC is an impressive feat in itself!

Some entrants like to document their THAC experience in video blog form, then edit it together after the contest ends to show people how much work went into cramming the entire filmmaking process into such a short amount of time.

Here's some examples of THACumentaries from previous contests: (1 2 3)

Spread the word! The fun of THAC is in knowing that there are loads of other people taking on the same challenge as you at once, so the more people the better. See you there!

Re: THAC X is coming soon!

Hopefully I'll FINALLY be able to compete in a THAC an-*looks at date*
O h....
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Re: THAC X is coming soon!

6AM CST huh, I think I can get up that early. mini/eh

Re: THAC X is coming soon!

Ironically, the date is just what I told Harry would be a problem for alot of people.
I however can enter mini/bigsmile

Re: THAC X is coming soon!

In case anyone is wondering about the choice of date, we generally try to have it around that time so you can use all the brand new LEGO you got for Christmas. mini/smile

Re: THAC X is coming soon!

Well well well...I'm gonna try and enter this, it'll be my first THAC mini/bigsmile  !
I have a couple suspicions what I might be getting for Christmas and they could be cool in a film...
Uh oh.  That'll be 3AM my time.  I wonder what my mom will think of that...I'll break it to her when it gets closer.
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Re: THAC X is coming soon!

YESSSS.  I actually won't be busy.  Maybe I should speed up my order for the Canon T3i

Re: THAC X is coming soon!

Yay sounds fun! This will be my first year on the forums and my first THAC if I have time to enter.

Re: THAC X is coming soon!

I like the date. This is the first year I will probably be able to do it. In the past few years it has always been during build season for robotics.

Re: THAC X is coming soon!

I usually don't even try to enter THAC or for that matter any contests at all mostly because I always have other projects going on that I don't want to disturb. So maybe this year I will try and set some time aside for this contest. It's amazing that this has been a tradition for 10 years... That's like legendary in internet time. mini/smile

Re: THAC X is coming soon!

topitmunkeydog wrote:

It's amazing that this has been a tradition for 10 years... That's like legendary in internet time. mini/smile

Not quite 10 years (hence "sort-of-annual") because some years had two THACs. The first one was in 2005, and here's an entry from it.

Re: THAC X is coming soon!

Hope there's an actual theme. Anyways, if I can get my software in line, I'll be able to enter.
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Re: THAC X is coming soon!

I am very enthused about this contest

Re: THAC X is coming soon!

Aww, that day I'll be out of town! Well then I'll be entering again next year, most likely. Good luck to everyone entering!

Re: THAC X is coming soon!

I think I should be able to enter, provided I'm not on vacation for too long. I think it's a good idea to schedule this after Christmas.
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Re: THAC X is coming soon!

Awesome! I'll be anxiously awaiting this! mini/bigsmile

By the way, as a precaution toward what happened last year, could at least one other person be bestowed with the Theme and Mod Element?

Re: THAC X is coming soon!

No nope we can't and won't do that. (Yes we will)

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Re: THAC X is coming soon!

Ah, wonderful.

Re: THAC X is coming soon!

What happened last year?

Welp, looks like a decent-ish time. I'll see if I can enter. I've been telling my mother about THAC and how I've wanted to participate probably for about 2 years now. mini/lol

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Re: THAC X is coming soon!

Mickey wrote:

Hope there's an actual theme. Anyways, if I can get my software in line, I'll be able to enter.

I totally agree, and I hope the host get's up on time!  I don't want to have to wait for another hour to learn the theme!