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A lot of you are aware that I have been working on some LEGO print based facial animation, well I've got both male and female faces ready for anyone interested in giving it a try. Below is an example of what shapes I would use to represent different mouth positions, you of course are not forced to use those shapes as there are numerous other expressions for both the male and female mouths.

You can download the faces here

And here is a Video tutorial on getting started with the faces in After Effects, sorry for the strobyness my computer seems to have a hard time running AE and screen capture software at the same time.

If you missed my tests here is the male face and female face animation examples.

Re: LEGO print based face animation

So want to get into this stuff but don't have after effects.  mini/sad

When I find time, I'll see if I can do the same with GIMP.  That way I can use any video editor I like.

Nice job - I love projects like this that push the boundaries that little bit further!

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Re: LEGO print based face animation

It's going to be really hard in Gimp, hell it would be hard in Photoshop.  In AfterEffects you have a 3D cylinder shape that can be rotated and tilted and lit to match the minifig, if your minifig is sideways you are going to have a hard time making these look right. If you have a mnifigs facing the camera directly it will look fine, but as you can't just pick the next shape from an image sequence it will take WAY longer, right now, if I am motion tracking a face, I think it will add 15-25 hours of post per minute of dialog per face. It would be harder and take longer then that in Gimp. You are welcome to give it a try but I really think you need a 3D compositing program to do this

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I think I've seen 0ldScratch use something like that before. It looks pretty similar, especially how the mouths are shaped. I remember in the olden days when I would use MS Paint for mouth animation, but I wanted to do something more. So, I downloaded Gimp onto one of my old computers, and to my knowledge, I don't think I ever used it. At least...I don't think I ever figured out how. mini/lol

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Wow that looks amazing. I downloaded the faces though and when I tried to open them it said program not available so not sure about that. If you have time or would want to would you mind making these into pngs or something? Thanks a ton for sharing this with us and giving us a tutorial.

Thanks a ton

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Re: LEGO print based face animation

It's in a winrar file, you can download winrar here it works with Windows, Mac, Linux and even Android

Re: LEGO print based face animation

Hey SlothPaladin, I now how to convert the files on the link you gave here. I figured how to convert the main file into a zip file and now I can open the mouths like a normal png pictures. I can send osomstudios the png files so you won't have to do it yourself if you want? The reason I converted them in the first place is because I don't have after effects.

Nice work SlothPaladin on the perfect mouth effects!

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Raf, you don't need After Effects to open a Rar file, osomstudios should be able to get WinRar or some other program to open the rar file himself to get the folders with the PNG files, if you want to send it to him I won't stop you.

Re: LEGO print based face animation

Sorry, I just did it so he wouldn't have to bother getting WinRar.

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You can extract RAR files with 7-zip, which is a lot easier to obtain. It can be run without being installed if you get the standalone version.

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Re: LEGO print based face animation

One day I'm going to get off my ass and kick the Facepaste project back into gear. Then we should talk.

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Re: LEGO print based face animation

what do you need to do the facepaste? as I am VERY keen for that, and to share the CGI faces I make too.

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I can't seem to open the .png files for the faces. Does anyone know what I can do to open them?

After a going through a long process of file converting, I was able to open the files.

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