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I did Send my entry to Nathan Wells with my entry and the link but i didn't see it posted so im uploading it here mini/smile.

A short film about love through the ages, its quite hard to understand at first i know but you will figure out whats going on, sorry if it feels rushed i was a bit over ambitious afte all i only had 24 hours!

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Re: [THAC XIV]Entry "LOVE"

Nicely done! A little difficult to follow exactly at parts, but the message was clear! Felt like one of those heartwarming commercials.

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Re: [THAC XIV]Entry "LOVE"

Niiiiice.  The animation looked good, and the lighting was fantastic. And that music fit so well.

Re: [THAC XIV]Entry "LOVE"

Great film but I think you missed a mod element a few times like when the girl looks a the letter with a heart on it and the phone, but other than that it was good.


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Re: [THAC XIV]Entry "LOVE"

Epically cute. I would have preferred all the messages to be hearts instead of written text, but I could totally see this being picked up as a commercial for Hallmark or Hershey's or some H company that has to do with Valentine's Day. Nicely done.