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Brick to Brick [BRAWL 2017]


Brick to Brick is an experiment in making visual music, and it tells the story of two LEGO studs falling in love.

Music and animation by Kristóf Fekete-Kovács

Thanks for watching!

Re: Brick to Brick [BRAWL 2017]

I love this one. It's the kind of thing I would have liked to have done if I had more time. One of the best entries filmed in an experimental way.

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Thank you Penta! It means a lot mini/smile

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I have to concur as well, this was one of my favorite entries. You truly went with the experimental theme. It remind me a lot of other abstract animated films from the early 1900's like Viking Eggeling's "Diagonal Symphony". The main difference is I find your film infinitely more watchable. It's a very interesting piece, with the visuals and the music building intensity in tandem in a very exciting way.

Great job! Also, I actually wasn't aware there was a story when watching it the first time, but now that I read the description I'll definitely go and look out for it next time! Keep up the good work!
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Re: Brick to Brick [BRAWL 2017]

Very nicely done and very experimental - repeat viewing helped me understand the story unfolding - again this film has inspired me to try out some mosaic style animation - good entry to BRAWL - well done mini/smile

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Thank you, guys! I was expecting no-one to actually like my film, because of its minimalistic sets and animation, but I'm so happy for your comments! Thank you! mini/smile

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Good job! I like the sinister soundtrack and the animation which I think is mighty inventive.