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A sheep finds a hat, and decides to wear it. But the herd doesn't like it...

A fable about trends and choices in the modern world!

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Re: Sheep

Whoa! Probably the most expressive animation I've seen in a while. This is fantastic. mini/bigsmile

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I think I may found a new addition to my list of 'Brickfilms that I will watch frequently about once a month'. That only makes up a couple of brickfilms each year. I love pretty much everything about this. The design of the sheep was adorable, the animation was absolutely perfect, and the story was also great too. 10/10, obviously! Possibly the best brickfilm of 2017 so far!
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Re: Sheep

Ha ha! Excellent!

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Great job! Ending I must admit was pretty predictable, but never the less it teaches a very important lesson, and one that i think we should all remember and stand by in our lives. Maybe it was just me (probably because it was based around sheep), but it definitely reminded me of Shaun the Sheep! mini/smile

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Re: Sheep

Maxime, you've done it again!

This was an absolute joy to watch. Wonderful job making the sheep so incredibly expressive. The sound design was spot on as well!

Great film, great message, great job.

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Re: Sheep

Wow...That was fantastic on so many levels.

Solid story, but amazing execution. The sheep oozed personality, and it connected emotionally, which is more than so many big, flashy Hollywood films. Fun, simple, but impactful too.

Excellent commentary on trends and fashions.

Re: Sheep

You've done such a great job here!  Reminded me of Shaun The Sheep, which I love and you conveyed emotion just as well as any of those films - The animation was perfectly paced - I really enjoyed this film mini/smile

Re: Sheep

It's always a good day when there is a new release from you. I think it's very smart that you collaborate with MOC builders on your films; it makes them look even more professional. I would like to do the same one day. It's amazing how expressive you got the sheep to be with the eye tiles and the head movements. The portrayal of emotions really worked. The music was also such a standout component, especially the recurring theme. I think this is my favourite brickfilm of 2017 so far.

Re: Sheep

Great animation, expression, and just an all around enjoyable film. mini/smile

Re: Sheep

Absolutely wonderful, as always, Maxime. Loved the design and the animation on the sheep (the subtleties of the eye movements and cackling as well as the big, cartoony chomping animations were perfect), and the story was cute and very charming.

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Re: Sheep

Enjoyed this short film a great deal and appreciate the message to it. Really it's a professional level production mini/yes

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This is amazing! I really love the eyes - especially how you varied the sheep's eyes for the same emotion (like how some of the sheep closed both eyes while laughing and others just one).

legodave1 wrote:

Reminded me of Shaun The Sheep - which I love and you conveyed emotion just as well as any of those films

Ditto on this - and with yours being brick-built sheep, the level of character you were able to convey is fantastic.

Re: Sheep

We really love your film, Maxime! mini/bigsmile
The way you animated the sheep is so cute. The message you convey (and the way you convey it) is really bright. So, congratulations once again!
Alex thinks your film will do very well in festivals, and that it has good chances to be screened on television one day... so we wish you good luck! mini/wink