Topic: Miss Fritter vs Lightning McQueen Cars 3

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Miss Fritter vs Lightning McQueen Cars 3


Lego Cars 3 universe is a awesome place and miracles happen there every day. It's possible to meet here not only cars 3 characters like Lightning McQueen, Jackson Storm or Cruz Ramirez, but superheroes also. One week ago Batman was able to beat Robin in Cars 3 videogame and Robin is looking to take revenge. But Batman is not at home right now. However Spider-Man visits Lego Cars 3 universe. It's possible that Spider-Man just wants to promote his new Spider-Man: Homecoming movie, but Robin challenges Spider-Man to play Cars 3 videogame. Spider-Man chooses Lightning McQueen, but Robin picks Miss Fritter as his main character. So differences will collide. Lightning McQueen vs Miss Fritter. Spider-Man vs Robin.
Who will be the best racer? Check out the video!