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Lego Spider-Man Animation


Lego Spider-Man is awesome stop motion animation movie, featuring Spider-Man true story.
Spider-Man himself is funny superhero who protects Lego Marvel world from famous villains like Vulture, Green Goblin, Shocker and others. New Spider-Man: Homecoming movie was released this year, but we all like classic Spider-Man story in Lego world.

Peter Parker goes to school and he gets bullied. He gets superpowers but he don't know that with great power comes great responsibility...

Re: Lego Spider-Man Animation

Very good work, the story is very smoth and well told. I liked a lot the last minute.

For say some thing, the frame rate is a little bit strange, the bicycle scene its like 20 fps and the walk cycle is 10 fps.

Sorry for my english mini/shifty

Re: Lego Spider-Man Animation

Well done, you did a great job. It has an intresting story and I enjoyed it a lot.

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