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LEGO Stop Motion Animation Walk Cycle Tutorial


In this tutorial we'll show you how to bring your characters to life by using the walk cycle with LEGO mini figures. 

We hope you find this video helpful and that you are encouraged to keep on making Brick Films!

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Re: LEGO Stop Motion Animation Walk Cycle Tutorial

For the second walk cycle I would recommend playing back at 15fps, as that is used a lot more by far. Also, when placing the minifigure balancing in between the studs, make sure that the minifigure always either leaning forwards slightly or completely upright, as otherwise it looks a bit odd when you play it back because each time for a split second he seems to wobble. Finally, and most importantly, HANDS!!! It is very important for your mini figures to swing their arms back and forth a bit, although if they're holding something then you can get away with not moving whichever arm is holding something for the most part mini/smile

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