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Brickfilm Day 2018
2018 marks 45 years since the creation of very first know LEGO stop motion film in 1973, Lars and Henrik Hassing’s “Journey to the Moon''. To celebrate this landmark anniversary, a team of 40+ talented brickfilmers have come together to organise an international brickfilm day on February 10th 2018.

How does it work?
The idea is that each participant can create anything related to LEGO stopmotion they’d like, to no limitation: everyone involved has full creative control to make whatever genre of film, of any length they wish, providing it involves LEGO. The finished brickfilms will then be released within allocated time slots spread out across the day. The times will range from as early as 7AM GMT (2AM EST) on February 10th and as late aS 7AM GMT (2AM EST) on February 11th. Each brickfilm entered into the event will be easily accessible through either...
- a playlist on YouTube, which will be available to view via a link which will be on each participant's video or on the Brickfilm Day YouTube channel.
- a thread here on Bricks in Motion which will be available on the day (February 10th).

How can I partake?
If you would like to participate yourself, please contact us via our email,
Please be aware however, that if we say no to you participating it is most likely because we are full on spots and cannot take any more people into our current schedule. Still, you can upload a brickfilm on Feb 10 if you would like to.
- We ask that if you do end up participating, that you stay committed and faithful to the promise you've made towards this event and the people involved in it. Please ensure that you have a brickfilm completed on February 10th, ready to be published.
- Upon releasing your video, you MUST include a link to the Brickfilm Day playlist with all the other brickfilms somewhere on your video (e.g in the description, in the comments or as an end card). If you fail to do so, we will not promote or link your video anywhere on our platforms.
- While we do not mind the inclusion of mature and explicit content, please do not go over the top with it (i.e no nudity related videos).

If you would not like to participate yourself, yet still follow the event and it's participants, you can keep up to date with our YT, or just check back to see what we post here.
YouTube: … L6NmzRuYoA

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Interesting. Love the idea of celebrating this great hobby.

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I have an idea as to what I'm going to create for this. Looking forward to seeing the entries!

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Ayyy brickfilm day is on here too noice.