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The Tree-Father | THAC XV


An unlikely alliance is formed between an everyday lumber man and a gang of trees work together to take out the scum of the forest. Watch now to see how it all goes down!

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Re: The Tree-Father | THAC XV

That was great! Loved the voices, really helped sell the comedy. My only to critique would be that the lumberjacks talking animation was not very convincing, maybe try and rehearse the action yourself before animation.

Overall great video

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Re: The Tree-Father | THAC XV

The absolute highlight of this film: the gangster/mafia pine tree. The voice acting is great, and all the characters have just the right amount of sass. I love the concept of this film as well, and the end gag was pretty creative too. The animation is pretty basic, but then again there is only so much you can do with trees and shrubs. This film defnitely got a good laugh out of me. Good job.

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Re: The Tree-Father | THAC XV

Ever since I saw the title in the playlist, I was excited to see this film and it didn't disappoint.  The concept of a tree-mafia is fantastic and I liked how expressive you made the tree animation.