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For better or worse (Probably worse) I've decided to try and enter BRAWL.
So yeah, need a few voice actors. It's sorta a horror/comedy if there's such a thing.


Ax Man
Normal fellow, until he gets a hankering for axing people. Doesn't really like the thought of being insane, but doesn't have that much to say about it.

Really, just about any normal voice would sound good for him. Nothing Joker-y or crazy though. Maybe just a tad too cheery, especially when talking about axing people. Let's just say his outlook on life and other people just ain't quite right.

Taken by: Squid]

No-nonsense policeman. Not much of a sense of humor either.
Needs an authoritative, stronger voice.

Taken by: JonnDthunDer]


Friend of Ax-Man before he started axing folks.
Not the brightest crayon in the box, but not totally stupid either.

Taken by: Sonjira]

Innocent, sweet, unsuspecting.

Young and nice.

'Ask me what?'

1 Line and a scream of terror.

E-mail auditions to [email protected], preferably all in one big file.
You'll need a decent mic, and I can get you the script through e-mail or GoogleDocs.
Basically anybody not taken by Wednesday, or if all the lines aren't done by Friday, will be done by me.
So keep that time limit in mind. Thanks!

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Re: [BRAWL] Casting Call:"Ax"

I may send a test line for Bill later.

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I could probably get these done with the rest of my voice acting today/tomorrow.

EDIT: I've already sent an audition for every character.
(There's a lot of background noise because my brother was playing Skyrim at the time)

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gonna audition as Bill.

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I would audition but you probably don't like my mic quality you recall if it was acceptable in The Shrouded Past?  I would say that my voice acting has gotten better, but my mic...  mini/confused

Good luck either way, sounds like an interesting story combination!

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@Squid, Wish granted. Great audition as ever.
You are the crazy ax-murderer. Almost cast you as Emma as well. mini/lol

@Jonn, Hmmm, don't remember. Who did you voice in that?
I suppose you could try anyway, worst case scenario you only spend a few minutes finding out.

@LASF and Onion, Fight, fight, fight! mini/devil

Updated the post, and added a forgotten piece to Emma's part.

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Okay, there you go, I sent some auditions. 
Did I call my audio "axe"?  Whoops.

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I'll audition for the policeman.

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I'll try and audition for Billy.
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First post updated.
Thanks for the auditions folks.
Only Policeman and Emma left, and both may be taken soon.
Onion, I don't think I ever got one from you, have you sent it yet?

I'm just glad I don't have to voice in this thing, it's so much better not having to hear my own voice over and over during editing.

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I'm going to audition for Emma as soon as my mom is done with the hairdryer.

Audition sent.

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