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Marooned - BiM 2011 TOY


Marooning was the cruelest and most feared punishment a pirate could get. The pirate would be taken to a small desert island, and given a pistol with one shot and often a bottle of water which would last for about a day. Then the pirate could choose to slowly starve, or he could put himself out of his misery with the pistol. But by doing this he dammed his soul.

An entry into BiM 2011 TOY.

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That was excellent. Amusing story; I love a good comedic pirate movie. Anything that reminds me of Monkey Island is awesome in my book! This is very reminiscent of the great days of brickfilming.

Good work on the animation and cinematography especially. I loved the thunderstorm part.

One little gripe is that you used some very common music.

Excellent work, definitely my current TOY favorite. mini/smile

Edit: Noticed you used one of my favorite screams ever at about 10:17 mini/tongue

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That was fantastic mini/eek

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Re: ToY: Marooned

Great job as usual! mini/bigsmile

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Filmfire96 wrote:

*SORRY EVERYONE FOR THE LENGTH. I HOPE YOU DON'T FIND MY FILM TOO LONG OR BORING. I know many of you probably won't watch this due to it's length, I'd be the same.

How dare you apologize to us and suggest to us not to watch it when it turned out great.  Risky marketing tactic I would say mini/wink.

Finally, third times a charm for this contest, we got ourselves an entertaining one. 

It was well animated when it worked, so-so when it didn't.  Pacing was hit and miss.  Some sequences could have moved a lot faster but that's just me in this fast pace action-flick era.  Some of the sets were amazingly detailed (such as the ship's cabin]), others fell short on the details (like the mini-versions of the ship and islands]). Of course I can understand when it comes to limited pieces at your disposal so for that, kudos on the creativity.

Not sure what to say about the smash cut time-lapsing.  On the one hand, it looked sloppy, on the other, I get it and it worked well.

What could have gone better was the variety in sound effects.  I'm sure has a lot of sound you could have diversified with.

Spoiler (click to read)

I would have done without the screaming.  It felt abrupt when this silent film suddenly had screaming.

Note: You should probably make it public now on Youtube.  Don't deny your video the views it deserves.

Re: ToY: Marooned

That is fantastic. Great job dude! My favorite by faar so far

Re: ToY: Marooned

YYYYYAAAAAAAAYYYYYY IT'S OUT!!! mini/bigsmile mini/bigsmile mini/bigsmile
This is probably going to turn into a very long comment.

The Film
First off, I love so much the fact that this is long (but still sufficiently captivating as to not inspire boredom), the world of brickfilming needs to have more long "Epic" type story lines with adventure. This did a very good job of that. And what could be a better theme for this? After all, pirates rule!
I enjoyed the fact that it didn't have dialogue, (unless you count that one little note in a bottle), sometimes, this is not pulled off very nicely, but you did an excellent job of it. The story was rather simple, but quite good and fitting for a pirate movie, and I think it was very well expressed with no talking. I rather enjoyed working out what was happening by what the characters did. The characters themselves were quite enjoyable and rather well-done. The camera angles were quite excellent.

Sets and Bricks
You did a really wonderful job making the sets. Very detailed. I especially enjoyed the Captain's quarters, and the island; particularly the rocks. However, some things were a bit lacking such as the sides of the ship being completely devoid of detail, and the miniatures were kind of weird, and rather messed up the consistency. The minifigures were good and well-made, I especially liked the main character and his blue torso, it's rather rare, so nice to see. And I like the face for the evil Captain, but I really thought he really, really needed a beard.

Sound Design
Rather good, I'd say. I enjoyed the level of audio, and they were quite nice and realistic. I actually expected this to have horrible sound editing since it was made on such short notice. There were still some problems, though, such as the repetitive scream, it was okay at first, but then it became a bit unnatural when he did it again, and when the Captain did it, it was just awkward. I wish I could have played some people in this. I feel it needed some more grunts and stuff as they fought, and maybe a few "hums" and such. My voice for Captain Jack Joe Jonathan Jelly James Job Jameson the Third (AKA Fred) probably would have worked nicely for your Captain. Oh well.

All in all, it was pretty good, better than my Pirate film. Seemed a bit choppy at points all through the movie, but still pretty grand. Amazing considering the time you had. The gunshots were particularly nice, I enjoyed how they were completely in shot.

Historical Elements
I think you did a very good job with making a very pirate movie, it seemed to fit the time nicely. Though I noticed a few problems in here. First of all, pirates never buried or hid treasure the way it's done in all the movies and stories; the only real pirate to do that was Captain Kid (Unless my memory is faulty). Another problem would be firing multiple shots from the same gun; pirate guns only had one shot, and had to be reloaded before you could fire again while the pirates in this movie fired them like revolvers. Captain Black Beard, because of this, usually kept an arsenal of guns on him in battle, constantly pulling out new guns after he'd fired the last, so you probably should have had the captain just pull out another gun. Also, I did the same thing in my pirate movie when Barrels shoots that British guy three times with two guns. I actually realized the mistake long before animating the shot, but I did it anyway because it looked cool, and I wasn't necessarily going for realism.

Other Notes
The monkey was awesome. Go get a better camera, I dislike your slightly bad camera quality and/or not very good lighting. It seemed a bit fuzzy throughout the film.

Anyway, thanks for reading all of this, and thanks for making this. It was an enjoyable film. mini/smile
Now go take a break for a while and just chillax for a few weeks, then go make some other epic movie. mini/sunnies
I expect this will get a very high ranking in ToY, haven't seen most of the other films yet, but this is pretty cool. mini/yes

Re: ToY: Marooned

Wow, thanks everyone! I'm really happy you all liked it!
Thanks a lot ANP, that must have taken you so long to write! Much appreciated, I'm happy you liked it! And as for the slightly off historical stuff, well yeah, that was just me being lazy! The main historical reference in this was the being marooned with the pistol and bottle. The raft exploding, the cave, the guns, etc were all just fiction.

Lechnology wrote:

You should probably make it public now on Youtube.  Don't deny your video the views it deserves.

Done. mini/smile I was a bit worried that you guys wouldn't like it, and I knew if you didn't the youtube community probably wouldn't either. It's public now, and I'm very glad to hear you enjoyed it. Thanks for watching it!

Re: ToY: Marooned

You're welcome. mini/smile

Though, the raft had some barrels on it, so maybe they were filled with gun powder, and it ignited and exploded?
haha xD

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Fantastic film. Don't worry about the long running time. This has more than enough attention to detail to keep even the most finicky person entertained throughout. You put a lot of work into it, and that really showed. Very fun; I loved it.

Re: ToY: Marooned

I agree with all the comments in this thread, it was really well done, and the plot was really good and kept me entertained throughout the entire film, there were some scenes that were a bit choppy, but still you managed to pull off a very good animation, and i also liked how the characters didn't have dialogue, but even without talking you expressed well what they meant without having to use any words at all, like ANP said the scream was kinda akward for the reason that it came to be repetitive and also the the captain did the same scream, so it became a bit weird, however it was a great film overall, great plot, very good animation, and nice set design, great job mini/smile

Re: ToY: Marooned


I watched and loved every second of it.  The story was really well executed even without voices.  Some of the animation was a tad iffy but most of it was good.  I'm very glad you made the deadline and I must say that you have a very good chance of winning something in my opinion.

Re: ToY: Marooned

Wow, cheers again everyone!
Oh, and again the scream was just me being lazy. But I did edit that bit at like 5 to eleven last night, so I really couldn't be bothered to find another scream! mini/XD

Re: ToY: Marooned

Wow. This film was fantastic. The animation, lighing and cinematography were all great and it just has a "classic" feel to it. There were some really nice effects as well like the river and the fog. mini/bigsmile
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Re: ToY: Marooned

This is truly a fantastic ToY movie. mini/smile

Re: ToY: Marooned

Oh man!
This is just 11 seconds longer than my Pirate film. No wai! xD

I re-watched this again. It's well deserving of multiple views. mini/smile
I forgot to mention some sticky stuff was visible, and I think the native should have burped instead.

Also, do you think I should comment on more films with the style which I just experimented with here?

Re: ToY: Marooned

Yeah, I like the way you reviewed my film.
I did plan to have the native burp, but being as he moved forward I didn't think it would have worked as well.

Re: ToY: Marooned

How do you think up such an amazing story?! I can't seem to get any ideas when I try to script. You sir have blown my mind.
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Re: ToY: Marooned

Soppenjim wrote:

That was fantastic mini/eek


I loved the film. So far the best TOY.

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Re: ToY: Marooned

Yeah the running time on this wasn't really a problem for me.  I really liked the way you told the story, without relying on dialog, it was about the furthest I've seen that taken in a brickfilm but I thought it worked well.

The best LEGO pirate film yet made, in my opinion.

(It is possible there is a superior LEGO pirate film out there which I have not seen.)