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Before you scroll down the page to see who won, I would like to say the quality of the films this year are extremely high. Due to this, I'm quite certain that not everyone will be happy with the results. But I hope you respect the judge's final decision.

In case you forgot how the judging system works...
Films overall score will be out of 100. Each category is worth a different amount of points.
• Theme Interpretation 40/100
• Presentation/Technical Aspects 30/100 (Animation, Lighting, Sound, Editing, & etc.)
• Story 20/100
• Immersion 10/100

The judges will rate how well they thought you did in each individual category. Each category will then be averaged among the three judges. After that, all of your average category scores will be added together to give you an x/100 score.

And now, the results!

22nd place
Adventurer’s Outlook by Cool Cube Studios

21st place

The Working Man by Blank Page Productions

20th place
An Adventure to the Grand Canyon by LASF

19th place
Supobo by MrSmas101

18th place
The Pond by Stefan M

17th place
Obscured Outlooks by Mickey

16th place
The Seeing Elf by OsomStudios

15th place

Evil’s Outlook by The Four Monkeys

14th place
Saltman – Forever and Today by Juggernaut Pictures

13th place

EUB News by Lucas

12th place
The Intruder by Onion

11th place
Hyperopia by Mighty Wanderer

10th place
The Day Aliens Finally Invaded by Push Over Productions

9th place
2413 by AnimationIsaac

8th place
The Beast and the Farmer by Sonjira

7th place
Self Discovery by JStudios

6th place
Lookout by Twickabrick

5th place
AX by Pritchard Studios

4th place
Outlook Of A Myopic by Loïc F-B



Yes, those are signatures, email me if you want the raw file.

Click here for the full results.

Please pat your judges on the back (Squash, Just Kidden, & Hazzat) for judging! Also thank RealBrick for making the BRAWL 2013 logos!

I'll see you all next year for BRAWL 2014!

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Re: BRAWL 2013 Results!

Great job, everybody! It was a great contest this year. mini/bigsmile

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Re: BRAWL 2013 Results!

I don't get this, Mickey deserved way higher. I agree with Max Butcher's placement though.

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Re: BRAWL 2013 Results!

20th... Yay...

Re: BRAWL 2013 Results!

Thanks for hosting the contest this year, Fun Sucker! Congratulations to everyone who entered, and hopefully I'll see you all next year!

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18? I'm surprised - Good surprised. mini/smile

Have a nice day! mini/smile


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LASF wrote:

20th... Yay...

Don't be discouraged man, your film was solid! You're actually making huge strides; I expect you to be in the top half of these contests in a few years.

Congratulations Squid, and thanks for running this guys!

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I think the top three couldn't have deserved it more! Congratulations, hope to see you all next year! mini/smile

no more brickfilming *sad face*.

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Wow, 3rd place! mini/bigsmile Congrats to Squid, and thanks to Fun Sucker for hosting the contest. It was a lot of fun!

Oh by the way, the full results link isn't working. mini/confused

Re: BRAWL 2013 Results!

Congrats to Squid! and second and third!  Great films all around really!

Brilliant BRAWL! Thankyou for hosting it.  A well deserved pat on the back judges. mini/yes

Have a nice day! mini/smile


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You guys oh man I'm dying you killed me thanks guys
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Aw, just barely missed being in the top 10. Congrats Max, Chris, and Squid!

I don't completely agree with the results, but hey, I think everyone did a great job in the contest. Thanks a million for hosting it, Fun Sucker! mini/bigsmile

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Great job everyone! This was a very successful year for BRAWL.


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Thanks for an Osom contest. 16th yay mini/smile

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Re: BRAWL 2013 Results!


Thanks, guys!  I'm glad to have won!

Re: BRAWL 2013 Results!

That was a pretty good contest.

Congratulations to the winners!

I won the second best Presentation and Immersion. Very satisfying!

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My general reaction to the results summed up in a short thing I whipped up.

Spoiler (click to read)

Don't worry guys I'm not being completely serious, just wanted Chris to be 1st
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Re: BRAWL 2013 Results!

what do you think of the results jon

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Re: BRAWL 2013 Results!

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"Why in the world did you do a weird language if you know English?" - tenny1028

Re: BRAWL 2013 Results!

I can live with 15th place considering I had to work over 50 hours at my day job that week.  It was a pleasure to just make an entry for the contest

Congratz Squid!  Your entry was the best!