Topic: How to Post a Film (and Receive Feedback)

To post a film on Bricks in Motion, use the Film Directory Submission Form.  (To access the form, click the green "Submit Film" button at left in the Films section of the site.)  You must be logged in to see the submit film link.

We have a few guidelines for you to read before sharing your film with us:

  • This forum is for completed films and trailers only. Shorter tests or works in progress can be shared in the WIPs and Tests forum.

  • Please do not post more than 3 new films in the span of one week (seven days). Posting a flood of many old films at once not only takes away from other peoples' opportunity for their new films to get exposure, it also makes it less likely each of your own films will be looked at. If you want to have a complete filmography of your older videos on the site, that's fine; we simply ask that you post over a longer period of time.

  • If you want feedback on your film, please say so in the comments section of your film submission. There are so many films shared on this site that it is hard for our welcome team, or other users, to keep up with every film. If you are looking for comments and constructive criticism on your film, please say so and we'll do our best! A clear statement such as "I'd like to receive feedback on my film" will suffice. If you forgot to include something like that in your comments section while submitting, you may edit your post in the releases forum afterward to clarify.

Thank you for sharing your film with us!

Re: How to Post a Film (and Receive Feedback)

Okay thanks, I was wondering how to post my collection of brickfilms.

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